Self-originated nicknames, ludicrous in-offs, and moderate highest career breaks
Clocks go 'tic tac', when something explodes it goes 'pataplum', and if you knock on the door you go 'tun, tun'
The best bits that didn't make the musical cut
“Push it into your mouth and keep pushing it until it is all gone.”
Why did 'Reading at the Toilet' by Holbrook Jackson not make the contents page?

February 2023

Previously: Going Native Chapter 7 - Part I: An Inbetween Person Marmite and merienda One woman whose experience helped me to deal with this cultural…
'A platform for a variety of voices beyond Dylan Thomas and Ivor the Engine to speak for the nation' (it says here)
Gerald Brenan wrote in 1956 at the end of his trip through the country in The Face of Spain that returning to London after Madrid offended his…
A harmless minor pleasure or a chronic exercise in futility?

January 2023

Like natives, incomers can never be truly objective about other parts of their new homeland.
A peek behind the velvet curtain at what I'm writing at the moment
My name is written inside, I’ve even added a couple of wincingly pompous notes on occasional pages. I must have read it. But I can’t recall a thing…