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What I read in 2022

The Twelve Reads of Christmas

Wordcounts and time management

Going Native: Chapter 5 - Part II

Sitting, standing, or lying down: How do writers write?

Going Native: Chapter 5 - Part I

Not more communism but more public-spirited pigs: how to handle rejection letters

Going Native - Chapter 4: Part II

A thinning of the shelves

Going Native - Chapter 4: Part I

Going Native - Chapter 3: Part II

Buttered beere: Work in progress

The Book Lover's Joke Book is published today

Going Native - Chapter 3: Part I

The Joy of Pets: Writers and their cats, dogs, and laughing jackasses

Going Native - Chapter 2

Going Native: Chapter 1

The (un)tidiness of desks: Are you an Auden or a Murakami?

Going Native: how language shapes us

What do they eat at royal funeral dinners?

Adventures in crowdfunding: a literary trumps odyssey

Exclusive extract from my new book of book jokes

Trailing males and going native: The books at the back of my drawer

A peek at my 'ideas list': From edible books to novelty architecture

Time for a siesta: A bonus newsletter on reusing content

I LOVE your book: why writers (usually) like to hear from readers

Why I'm learning Welsh: Caecilius est in horto and other great language hits

A summer of lists: Boris Johnson's Scoop to the Space Station's library

Literary tourism: Portrait of a gazebo

The ins and outs of writing guidebooks

Work in progress...

Why do I work with so many publishers?

Book covers in translation: part 2

Book covers in translation

Rooms of Their Own

Who decides what goes in a book?

How is a book cover chosen?

How long does it take to get a book published?